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Uprooted to be Re-fruited

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Word inspired by the Holy Spirit Apostle Dawn White-Gueary

About a week ago, I saw a visions of a huge, uprooted tree from a hurricane that came through the city. I saw all types of people, all races, sizes & nationalities. They were hanging onto the roots for dear life as if they would be destroyed if they would let go. These people were men, women & children who were full of fear, worry, doubt and unbelief. Some had combat boots on their feet that were dangling in the air. The boots had a lot of mud on them from walking in thick dense places. There were also babies holding onto the legs of their Mommas & Poppas for dear life.

As I began to really pray into this, the Holy Spirit began to reveal to me that these people represented various men and women and children who were in very dark places. They have been trapped inside their own thoughts, trauma and systems that have entangled them to where they have not had a way out. I saw tears falling from fear and anxiety that were forming into big puddles in the ground. The ground was very dry & cracked from extreme seasons of heat. Some were suppressed with guilt & shame as they were looking around watching all the people who were suffering and feeling powerless.

One of the themes that you will find in scripture is that we are often referred to as trees. Just as we as humans are born by the planting of a seed so are trees grown by the planting of a seed. You will see in Genesis 1-3, humans and fruit trees are mentioned as well as in Isaiah 61:3, we are called his Oaks of Righteousness. For a tree to really withstand the various storms, everything is contingent on its roots. Ecclesiastes 3:1-3 says There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to root up.

There are 29 occurrences in the Bible where it mentions the word uprooted! In the Hebrew the word Nathash means to pull up, pluck up, snatch or to root out. There are many occurrences in which our lives can be uprooted, barren, infertile or where we can even become spiritually barren because we have disconnected from the Vine. Even Sarah was “uprooted” because she was barren and not able to conceive. (Genesis 11:30) Some of these roots have come from years of suppressed trauma which have been shoved deeply into the recesses of the mind due to a lack of identity. The roots of the tree that they were holding onto were those that were deeply imbedded from generational curses and cycles from their bloodline.

Even in the account of Daniel chapter 4 where he interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream there was a stump that was chained with bronze and iron. Bronze represents sin and disobedience and the Iron represented rebellion & pride. God is dealing with rebellion, perverse sin, wickedness & pride. He is rescuing His children, bringing them out of captivity. He is bringing light into dark places, judgment to those who have been hurting His children. Freeing them from generational curses, cycles and chronic hurt & pain. The good news is that through surrender and the regeneration of the Holy Spirit and the redemption of the blood of Jesus we can be replanted and what was once barren can become fruitful and multiply. Although it may be painful, and uncomfortable, sometimes our lives must be abruptly uprooted so that we can become re-fruited.

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